Avery ponders the future

Avery Chewstuff Wolf

Avery Chewstuff Wolf was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He was discovered alone one winter by a local family who were hiking in the woods. The family had actually decided to get a puppy for Christmas when they spotted him huddled in a ball in the snow. Avery recalls, "Mom was a little reluctant to have a wild wolf as a family pet, but the kids just would not be denied. I owe them my life, really."

Avery was taken home and raised by his new adoptive family, the Chewstuffs, who soon realized that Avery was not your average wolf. Avery loved to watch cartoons and play games; his energy and creativity easily matched that of the children. Despite the absence of other wolves, his foster family treated him as one of them and his growth, appetite and knowledge thrived.

Seeking an appropriate outlet for nurturing Avery's blossoming humor, the Chewstuffs suggested to Avery that he try out for mascot of a local high school, the Westhampton Wolves. Avery was an immediate hit and quickly became a highly visible and well-loved figure. Steve Scharf, a local resident and family friend, was impressed after seeing Avery perform at a football game. He set up a meeting with Avery and the Chewstuffs, suggesting that Avery would be a perfect match for his friends, the Critters By The Bay. Avery was somewhat reluctant to leave his adoptive family and hometown, but the Chewstuffs convinced him that it was a great opportunity for him to expand his horizons and share his gift with others.

He relocated to northern California in September of 2000 and immediately bonded with his new fellow Critters. Says Avery, "I miss my family, but I know they support me all the way and I'm determined to make 'em proud. I want to make people feel as special as they made me feel." Avery looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with his new Critter pals. His dream is to produce a semi-autobiographical film based upon his life, "Dances With Humans."