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A Brief Pictorial History of Critters by the Bay

We've been appearing at events in the Bay Area for over ten years now, and have taken part in events both big and small, both majestic and miniscule, both Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian (we sure love our thesauruses). In all that time, we've accumulated towering piles of photos, and we're currently reorganizing things here to make the gallery a little more manageable. Until we get it all in order, here's a sample!
Blooper & Camper
  • The 1997 Mountain View Spring Parade
    This was one of our very first events! We've marched in this parade every year since then, and it's one of our favorite events.
  • The 2002 Mountain View Tree Lighting
    The Critters love Mountain View, and Mountain View loves the Critters. Soon after we became a regular feature in their Spring Parade, we added their Christmas Tree Lighting to our annual calendar. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bunch of big fuzzy animals in Santa hats!
  • The 2005 San Jose Christmas parade
    This is our biggest event every year. We rent a trolley and cruise through San Jose in grand Christmas style, then join the crowds for Christmas in the Park afterwards.